Fundraising Tips

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It’s FESTIVAL Season! Tips for Planning Your School & Church Fundraiser

Many schools and churches don’t leverage a fundamental, tailor-made fundraising initiative: a Festival. We’ll educate you on the benefits of Festivals, what to expect when you plan and run one, and some best practices we’ve learned from more than a decade of partnering with schools and churches on their Festivals.

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What’s Different with Workplace Giving in 2024? What You Need to Know

United Way agencies and other nonprofits have made an intentional effort towards developing partnerships with companies in its service area with Workplace Giving programs — a structured nonprofit-to-consumer donation model which enables donations directly from employees via pre-tax gifts from each paycheck. Here are some ways the Workplace Giving universe has evolved in the last few years, along with tips to increase engagement with your constituents and get the most out of your Workplace program.

Tips for Schools Churches Year-End Fundraising Ideas

Tips for Schools’ & Churches’ Year-End Fundraising

As their fiscal years end, many schools, churches and religious institutions make their Year-End campaign a priority. This part of a nonprofit’s year allows for the natural alignment of 1) a ‘last push’ for donations to fund ongoing program and operational costs, and 2) reinforcing what this financial support means to a school’s (or church’s) vision and mission.

The Benefits of Designated Giving

Many nonprofits (including a majority of United Way agencies) have made Designations a part of their Giving options, either through Individual (one-time/’Donate Now’ or recurring/subscription) or Workplace Giving campaigns. Here is a comprehensive overview of Designated Giving, its benefits, and advice on how to integrate Designations into your current Giving efforts.

Getting off to a Strong Start in 2024

As your organization marches into 2024, our hope with this month’s blog is simple: to give you some things to think about in terms of your nonprofit’s agenda for the coming year, identify defining trends that will be shaping the near future (and the implications for you), and a little guidance in terms of what can help — and what may challenge — you in the 12 months ahead.

Planning the Perfect Fundraising Event

If you’re on the Executive or Development team for a charitable organization, you know today’s fundraising environment is more daunting and competitive than ever, Whether your nonprofit is a private or public school, parent teacher organization, athletic or club booster….or even a religious or worshipping organization, museum, United Way chapter or something else, we have some suggestions for evidence-based fundraising Event ideas that can help your nonprofit move the needle.

What Fundraising Events are Best for YOUR Nonprofit?

Your team has been hard at work strengthening key facets of your plan, from acquiring new donors, keeping the ones you currently have, preaching your mission to the community, strategically engaging your board members, et al. Now it’s time to turn your attention to formulating (and stewarding) a strong Event strategy to round out your revenue plan.