How It Works For You

By bringing the best eCommerce practices into the fundraising sector, DonorPoint’s donor engagement software is easy to set up, built to be flexible and scalable, and lets you focus on making your message a ‘Point of Contact’ with supporters.

Our Giving Sites are one-stop-shop categorized collections of all the ways people can support your organization, from fundraising to volunteer support and everything in between. By integrating success stories learned in the eCommerce space, DonorPoint’s solutions have been proven to increase conversion rates to maximize your online fundraising efforts.  We help you:

  • Educate your audience on WHAT you do and HOW you do it, but most importantly WHY you do it…..your mission for — and impact of — your cause
  • Inspire them to support your cause
  • Gain the trust critical for them to become donors

Once you have an educated, inspired and trusting audience, DonorPoint leverages your branded donation page with your ask — turning a prospect into a donor.

Our Clients