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What’s Different with Workplace Giving in 2024? What You Need to Know

United Way agencies and other nonprofits have made an intentional effort towards developing partnerships with companies in its service area with Workplace Giving programs — a structured nonprofit-to-consumer donation model which enables donations directly from employees via pre-tax gifts from each paycheck. Here are some ways the Workplace Giving universe has evolved in the last few years, along with tips to increase engagement with your constituents and get the most out of your Workplace program.

Tips for Schools Churches Year-End Fundraising Ideas

Tips for Schools’ & Churches’ Year-End Fundraising

As their fiscal years end, many schools, churches and religious institutions make their Year-End campaign a priority. This part of a nonprofit’s year allows for the natural alignment of 1) a ‘last push’ for donations to fund ongoing program and operational costs, and 2) reinforcing what this financial support means to a school’s (or church’s) vision and mission.

The Benefits of Designated Giving

Many nonprofits (including a majority of United Way agencies) have made Designations a part of their Giving options, either through Individual (one-time/’Donate Now’ or recurring/subscription) or Workplace Giving campaigns. Here is a comprehensive overview of Designated Giving, its benefits, and advice on how to integrate Designations into your current Giving efforts.

Getting off to a Strong Start in 2024

As your organization marches into 2024, our hope with this month’s blog is simple: to give you some things to think about in terms of your nonprofit’s agenda for the coming year, identify defining trends that will be shaping the near future (and the implications for you), and a little guidance in terms of what can help — and what may challenge — you in the 12 months ahead.

DonorPoint Expands Capabilities & Support with Acquisition by Scanco Software

We are excited to announce that DonorPoint, the industry leader in Donor Engagement software for the Nonprofit sector, has been acquired by Scanco Software, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the Manufacturing and Distribution industries. The acquisition is set to revolutionize the Nonprofit industry by combining DonorPoint’s unparalleled proficiency in delivering eCommerce best practices tailored for fundraising and industry-leading payment solutions with Scanco’s expertise in warehouse and manufacturing automation solutions.

Why Events are Critical to Your Organization’s Success

For many nonprofits, events are essential to engage supporters and build excitement around the mission — and provide a smooth ask within the event’s positive atmosphere (and a bit of friendly peer pressure!). While undertaking events is certainly a significant investment requiring vital resources from both your staff and volunteer supporters, outcomes routinely show that events deserve a seat at the table for the long-term health of your nonprofit.

The Annual State of Fundraising Report – 2023

After the whirlwind we’ve been through the last few trips around the sun, we certainly hope the new year brings stability for your nonprofit. Read on for tips on what will make the biggest difference for your organization in the coming year….and hopefully allow you to spend your time, energy and money in the smartest manner possible.