DonorPoint Expands Capabilities & Support with Acquisition by Scanco Software

We are excited to announce that DonorPoint, the industry leader in Donor Engagement software for the Nonprofit sector, has been acquired by Scanco Software, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the Manufacturing and Distribution industries. 

The acquisition is set to revolutionize the Nonprofit industry by combining DonorPoint’s unparalleled proficiency in delivering eCommerce best practices tailored for fundraising and industry-leading payment solutions with Scanco’s expertise in warehouse and manufacturing automation solutions.




DonorPoint’s unique approach to Nonprofit donor engagement sets the stage for an unprecedented transformation in the way nonprofits connect with potential donors. In a move that reflects Scanco’s commitment to driving growth and innovation, the acquisition of DonorPoint aligns seamlessly with Scanco’s vision to enhance its suite of offerings and provide comprehensive solutions for its existing and target clients, along with introducing efficiencies to the Nonprofit vertical.

Ron Cass, Founder of DonorPoint, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “Scanco’s approach is truly innovative, leveraging the best practices from multiple industry segments to bolster engagement for our existing Nonprofit clients, as well as provide new products for the distribution and manufacturing clients at Scanco. We are excited to join Scanco in this strategic move, as it aligns with our commitment to investing in solutions that drive growth and invention.”  As part of the acquisition, the DonorPoint team will join forces with Scanco to ensure a smooth transition and continuity in delivering exceptional donor engagement solutions.

Scanco President and CEO Andy Nunez echoed this enthusiasm, emphasizing, “DonorPoint goes beyond being an exceptional Nonprofit (NfP) solutions provider. They have embedded that superior functionality into their innovative Payments infrastructure. DonorPoint’s technology will allow Scanco to connect seamlessly with our current B2B customers with a comprehensive platform that supports eCommerce, Order Management Systems (OMS), and Sales Mobility.”


To learn more, please reach out to our DonorPoint team.