Cover Your Fees, and Follow Up – Little Ideas for Big Impact

Make the Ask, and Follow-Up

Your donors understand that there is a cost to doing business in today’s digital world, even if that business is a philanthropic mission. So when you’re making an online appeal, selling tickets to an event, or any other activity that can be paid for with a credit card, make sure you’re asking if they’d like to cover the transaction fees.

At Big River, we have had OVER 80% of donors volunteer to cover transaction fees for our clients when asked! So make sure you have the ability to ask, and make the ask.

But that’s not all you should be doing. Think about the type of donor that would pledge that extra money. Why would they do that? What motivated the extra give? More than likely, it’s one of 2 things. Either they understand the day-to-day operation of a business, or they are so moved by what your organization is trying to accomplish, that they want to make sure that all their gift goes directly to your mission.

In either case, that’s a relationship you want to foster. So make sure that you not only have the ability to ask a donor to cover fees, but that your organization has a separate nurturing campaign in place for these donors. Maybe it’s a hand-written note, or a separate drip campaign, or some other sort of recognition. This is a person who took that “extra step”, the least you can do is to make one of your own.