Everything You Need to Know About Raising Money Online

As a nonprofit organization, raising money online can be a complex process. You might have more than one fund, goal, project, campaign, or other fundraising initiative for which you’re seeking donations. Simultaneously, donors give to the causes they care about most, that will make the greatest impact, and that will address their specific philanthropic goals. So how do you fulfill that need while securing the funds and support you need?


Founded in 2010, Big River is a leading eCommerce giving platform for nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes looking to grow their fundraising efforts. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, our team uses its years of experience in nonprofit development, technology, and other fields to help nonprofit organizations increase online giving.

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Success Stories

Big River has worked with a variety of nonprofit organizations to help them with raising money online. From large-scale nonprofits with constituents across the world to national and regional institutions seeking support with local-level fundraising, our eCommerce platform has led to significant success with online giving. Learn how raising money online with Big River helped these organizations move the needle.

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Wondering how Big River helps nonprofit organizations raise money online? Browse a variety of giving catalogs from some of our customers here to learn what they’re creating and achieving with Big River — and to get inspiration for your own online giving catalog. View our customers’ campaigns, funds, projects, memberships, merchandise, and more.

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Looking for best practices, downloads, and other resources on raising money online? At Big River, we believe in providing nonprofit organizations with the tools and insights they need to make a meaningful, measurable impact in their online giving. Get everything you need to connect with donors, show them the impact they can make, and increase your online giving.

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