Resources For Educators Seeking Financial Support

Resources for Educators


The other day I received an email out of the blue asking us to share this information to support America’s teachers.  Of course, we’re happy to help!

The following list of resources for educators is courtesy of Jasmine Dyoco.  Jasmine is a passionate educator and seeks out opportunities to help other educators engage and teach their students. She is also a fan of crossword puzzles, gardening, books on tape, learning (anything!) and fencing. She truly enjoys the work she does with Educator Labs and hopes you’ll stop by the site to learn more!


Dear Reader,

As an educator, I always strive to find unique and engaging ways to teach my students. In the past, I’ve even come up with my own curriculum to share with students. While some ideas were simple and easy to bring into the classroom, other projects required a bit more work, both creatively and financially speaking.

 I’m not the only one who looks for extra help – many of the teachers I know do as well. Unfortunately, tracking down some of the resources available to educators like us can be a bit of a chore. I felt inspired to create a list of some of the organizations who work to assist educators seeking financial support:

Enhancing Student Mathematics Learning through the Use of Tools and Technology Grants


Kids in Need Foundation


Technology Grants for Educators: 17 Resources for Future-Proof Kids


Math Hero Award


The Captain Planet Foundation


The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation


20 Grants for Science Teachers


Target Field Trip Grants


Have tips or resources you’d like to share?  Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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