Meet the New Big River!

By August 6, 2018Uncategorized

Today we are pleased to announce the release of a major update to the Big River platform.  Your account has been migrated automatically and we look forward to you checking out these new features!

Responsive Design

The first thing you will notice after you log in is our redesigned frame and dashboard.

BTW – that image icon is a link to the Setting page for your account where you can upload your own organization’s logo.  The big question mark takes you to the support site, and the dropdown with your name on it has links to your account and organization settings.

The main menu has been moved to the side with more options, making it easier for you to navigate with fewer clicks (for example directly to recurring gifts).

The entire Big River interface has been redesigned to suit devices of any size using responsive design and upgrades to all our underlying technology.  You can search, edit and manage your Big River account from any device, PC to mobile!

Our Peer-to-Peer/Crowdfunding and Giving Catalog constituent-facing interfaces have been upgraded similarly to the latest supporting technology and responsive design.  Landing Pages still use the designs specific to your account.  Contact us for a review of your Landing Page templates to see if they are up to the current market standard for design across devices.


Each of those sidebar links takes you to a list of items, where you’ll find more new features to help you get more out of Big River.

We moved the ‘New’ and Tasks buttons to the top of the page, and added quick search box

to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.  The paging links appear at both the top and bottom of the list for ease of use.

We also made it clearer to use these lists as reporting tools.  On the list header are these common controls:

 – to select which columns appear in the list.  We’ve also cleaned up the labels for columns to make them more readable

 – will pop open a detailed search box

 – will export the current search as a CVS file

 – will save the current search with a name of your choosing, and

 – is a dropdown of those saved searches.

The options on each item in the list are easier to get to, by hovering over the item:

(on a tablet or phone without a mouse, these items appear automatically under each item).

On of the major changes in the new release is in the popup (or ‘Quick’) editors.  These now have more detailed options available, enabling you to make most changes from the list, instead of drilling down into the item edit page.

If you are the in the detailed editor for an item in Big River, Next and Previous buttons will allow you to easily navigate through the list to continue editing.

Some lists have dashboard summaries as their header, and some lists are being replaced with card-style interfaces:


Giving Catalog Items and Pages

Items and Pages (formerly called “Item Aggregators”, yech) are now in the same list to make up a Category.  You can order the cards for items and pages in a category as you like:

PCI-DSS Compliance Updates

As part of our annual PCI-DSS compliance review (more about that later) we have removed support for the old TLS 1.0 HTTPS encryption.  Some of your constituents on older browsers may see issues when viewing pages on Big River.   Please refer to this support note for details.

And More to Come…

We will be back on our semi-regular schedule of making incremental changes now that this release is in production.  Some things you can look forward to include:

  • Pre-defined list filters
  • Easier email distribution including segmenting audiences
  • Simplifications to the Event module
  • Item templates

With any major release some features did not get finished in time to make the cut, and will be released as they are available.   We’re also still making minor tweaks to the new UI redesign based on feedback from the beta program.  And we also have a long list of features you have asked for to work on.

Thank you for your continued support!  Much of the new functionality in this release come from the candid feedback of clients like you.  Because of your creativity in using Big River and your feedback, we’re making the best fundraising platform on the web.