Linda Wetzel Joins Big River

Big River is pleased to announce the addition of Linda Wetzel to our team. Ms. Wetzel will be joining us as a Customer Success Specialist, which is fitting as she was the first outside admin of the Big River platform!

She brings a wealth of outside experience to her role as a Customer Success Specialist for Big River. With a degree in Archaeology, and work experience in Nursing, IT, Nonprofit Business Analysis and medical and technical writing, she has a proven history of looking at issues from multiple angles, and formatting a clear plan of action to resolve them. A published author, registered OB/GYN nurse, database programmer, Linda will also oversee reformatting Big River User Guides and user-facing content.

Linda has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology & Archaeology from Cleveland State University and extensive volunteer experience with neighborhood, arts and other organizations.

In her new role, Ms. Wetzel will be working directly with our clients to address issues, and improve platform performance. She will additionally be advocating for and implementing user-contributed changes and improvements.

Welcome aboard Linda!