Retain top talent by facilitating your employees’ civic responsibility, or integrate your Federated organization’s systems and mission with those of your corporate partners.

Federated Giving is changing and no one understands that better than DonorPoint. Don’t simply act as a pass-through for employee funds -- build relationships, learn donor trends and efficiently distribute funds with our Workplace Giving Catalog.

This Feature works seamlessly with the DonorPoint Service Features, including:

Add value to your company's employee offerings to increase retention or advance your nonprofit’s relationships with corporate partners.

Blog Posts

Year-End Appeal Success Stories
Here are three year-end appeals that really hit their mark, resonating so well with their constituents that they shattered their fundraising goals.
What’s YOUR Year-End Giving Plan?
The third quarter of the calendar year is the most critical giving season -- especially December, where nearly one-third of the year's giving occurs.
A More Appealing Annual Appeal
Twenty-twenty-one — like its predecessor — has certainly had its share of challenges. The continuing threat presented by the COVID-19…

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