Expand Your Online Fundraising Reach Through Workplace Giving

All year long, businesses nationwide are encouraging their employees to contribute to a charitable cause. If you’re considering a partnership with one or more businesses to raise funds, Big River is the fundraising platform for you. Our structure and software allow you to provide partnering businesses with effective workplace giving system that not only drives donations from employees but also empowers them to advocate for your cause.

With Big River, you can equip your partnering businesses with an all-in-one workplace giving platform that’s easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to measure. Campaigns can be created based on how your nonprofit raises money and configured to how your partner businesses engage their employees. Once launched, employees can expand the reach of your cause and maximize its impact through peer-to-peer fundraising.

Big River even integrates with your existing website, intranet, or employee portal — as well as virtually any CRM — to provide a central location to drive engagement. It’s all mobile, too, so employees can give whenever they want, wherever they are. Should employees move to another company, their donor profile follows them to keep them engaged.

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We needed a new online giving platform that would allow us to reach and support workplace giving campaigns but also allow us to follow people as they changed jobs. We also needed a solution that would be portable and flexible with our CRM. Big River was completely built for this need.

Niki Krause, Director of IT Solutions and Analytics, United Way of Greater Cleveland

One Workplace Giving Platform, Endless Possibilities

Our platform is the perfect complement to the workplace giving model. For nonprofits and other organizations that are interested in conducting online fundraising initiatives, we provide a complete solution featuring customization, deployment, reporting, and more. We work closely with company leaders, HR departments, and more to build an online fundraising package that can be implemented across any number of sites nationwide.


Empower Employees to Make a Greater Difference

With Big River, workplace giving campaigns have greater reach and impact. We provide templated peer-to-peer and crowdfunding tools to engage, activate, and leverage a broader audience. Partner businesses can provide employees with the tools, resources, and reach they need to raise money and communicate impact on behalf of their businesses and your nonprofit.

More Fundraising, Less IT Involvement

Big River lets you and your partners create campaigns of different shapes and sizes to match how you want to raise money and how your partners engage their employees. Use individual gifts, recurring donations, volunteer opportunities, events, or a combination to drive engagement. Whatever your fundraising strategy includes, the Big River platform allows partner businesses and their employees to support it while witnessing the impact of their giving first hand — all with virtually no setup, maintenance, or support required from your IT team.


Get the Data You Need, Right When You Need It

Easily view, analyze, and extract campaign performance, donor histories, and other financial data from Big River to (should we mention also to your CRM?)demonstrate success and share it with campaign managers, donors, company leadership teams, and board members. Our reporting and analytics help you and your partner businesses see how campaigns are growing over time and keep on track toward reaching your goals. Custom dashboards and ad hoc reporting are available to you 24/7.

Big River puts you in a strong position to exponentially increase donations through workplace giving. We’ll show you how.