Discover Fundraising Solutions for Your Nonprofit’s Unique Needs

Each nonprofit organization is different and requires distinct fundraising solutions to achieve its goals — even those within similar service areas or industries. Moreover, your size, market, donor base, and other factors influence the campaigns, projects, funds, and other tasks you have to prioritize. Even still, what works for one nonprofit might not work for another.

Big River provides fundraising solutions for precisely this reason. Our platform addresses the needs of organizations of all types and sizes — from art and education to medical research and humanitarian efforts. Whatever the need may be, Big River offers fundraising solutions to help you achieve it.

Education Fundraising

Learn how Big River helps universities and other educational institutions develop and launch a variety of campaign types with the flexibility and customization they require.

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Structured Giving

From membership drives to recurring donations, Big River provides nonprofits with the tools they need to keep donors connected with ongoing giving opportunities.

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Giving Day

A Giving Day fundraiser is a major revenue driver for educational institutions and nonprofits — but it must be strategic. Learn how Big River connects donors with the causes they care about most.

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Workplace Giving

Big River partners with organizations using the federated giving model to raise money. Our online giving platform is designed to raise money the way you do best — all in a single, mobile-friendly solution.

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