The underlying philosophy at Big River is that we want to help you manage the Point of Contact (why you’re reaching out to people), and the Point of Contact (how you reach out to them, and what you say when you do). The way we see it, issues with reaching donors aren’t solved by another donor database, they’re solved by giving them an experience that is smooth, easy to navigate and effective.. Everything we do is dedicated to making the engagement key, with the software serving your message.

So that means we’re constantly learning, taking feedback from clients, best practices and our own insights to hone and refine our software. All in order to make it easier to use and more impactful.

Here’s the updates we’ve made for July 2019:

  • Usability improvements for Email sends, making it easier to create targeted groups and send them impactful messages
  • We’ve simplified the publishing process for Events
  • Increased support for Auctions
  • New Report templates and dashboards, making it easier for you to track, share and analyze the impact of your message
  • Built-in Analytic features like pivot tables and filtering
  • Our data management database now includes additional fields for organizing and sorting your donors, including
    • Relationships – Spouse, place of work, or other variables
    • Organizations – Boards, volunteer groups and the like
    • Major/Principal Gift Management – Past giving and reasons, gifts to other Organizations
  • We have added segmented access controls, allowing you to give different staff or volunteers different areas of access and administrative responsibilities
  • New design templates and increased support for creating your own, custom, templates
  • Additional integrations with single-sign-on systems
  • Matching gift capabilities through our partner Double the Donation


So if you’re currently a client, thank you, and let us know how you’re making the most of this new functionality and if you’re not a client and want to see what we can do, click here!