DonorPoint Philosophy

By taking the best practices of eCommerce, we’ve made donor engagement software that’s easy to set up, built to be flexible and lets you focus on the message and your “Points of Contact” with supporters

Easy to Get Started

With our ready-to-use templates and user-friendly interface we can help you get your catalog up and running in weeks, not months.

Flexible Platform

Need to set up a raffle, tour, workplace campaign, donations or something else? With DonorPoint's flexible platform you'll use the same interface to do all these and more while saving time and license fees.

Keep Your Brand

DonorPoint is designed to look like your page, not ours. Keep your messaging and don’t confuse your donors, all while reducing page load time and extra clicks.

Run Multiple Campaigns

Our flexible platform allows you to run several campaigns at once while letting you know where donations are coming from and where the funds should be designated.

Data Security

We independently verify the security of our network and data on a yearly basis as well as perform constant internal monitoring. And our merchant accounts come with SSL Certificates and are fully PCI-DSS compliant.

Easy Integration

Already have a CRM or other software platform but need to fill a gap it doesn’t cover? With DonorPoint’s modular approach you can fill the gap and integrate information between systems.

Email and Social Media

Increase your organic search engine results and give your supporters the tools to help expand your network with email campaigns and social media integration.

Reporting and Analytics

Clear, concise, automated reports come with every DonorPoint catalog with custom options that are easy to set up. Send automated reports to Finance, RSVP lists to event planners, review campaign results with your board, and more.

Database Management

Track donor activities and relationships, set up reminders and notes, and maintain a clear, concise database that is easy to manage and update and is integrated into all your campaigns.