Peer to Peer Product

Empower your supporters to help advance your mission with easy to set up and run Peer-to-Peer campaigns featuring email, social media integration and more.

Activate your donor network to raise funds, with a set of Features that will let you set up social media campaigns, team events and more, with communication tools and reporting that will help you monitor and adapt in real-time.

This Feature works seamlessly with the DonorPoint Service Features, including:

Set up your nonprofit for growth and success with DonorPoint’s versatile platform.

Blog Posts

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Here are three year-end appeals that really hit their mark, resonating so well with their constituents that they shattered their fundraising goals.
What’s YOUR Year-End Giving Plan?
The third quarter of the calendar year is the most critical giving season -- especially December, where nearly one-third of the year's giving occurs.
A More Appealing Annual Appeal
Twenty-twenty-one — like its predecessor — has certainly had its share of challenges. The continuing threat presented by the COVID-19…

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