Want to Double Your Membership and Donations? Big River Can Help

Our giving catalog makes the most out of every relationship through flexible structured giving opportunities that align donor preferences with nonprofits’ fundraising goals.

Get the fundraising tool that actually makes a difference.


Big River has been absolutely fabulous to work with. Our membership has gone up two-fold as a result of going online with them.

Create Giving Opportunities Specific to Your Mission

Whereas other platforms force-fit your mission into their platform, Big River offers complete customization. Create giving opportunities ranging from memberships and event tickets to crowdfunding campaigns and item purchases. Design modern campaign elements and launch them to your audience with ease. Add content, photos, video, and more to tailor campaigns to your goals. It’s out-of-the-box simplicity with out-of-this-world functionality.

structured giving
structured giving

Flexible for You, Strategic for Donors

Today’s donors are strategic with their philanthropy, actively seeking online giving opportunities that allow them to flexibly donate to the affinities they care about the most. And while every donation matters, you have goals that are best achieved through unrestricted donations. Big River lets you quickly and comprehensively put options in front of donors that meet their philanthropic desires while helping you focus on priorities.

Multi-Level Memberships & Simple Subscriptions

Offer memberships or subscriptions? Big River is for you. Our platform allows you to provide memberships with benefits such as discounts on items, services, events, and more — creating even more giving opportunities for your donors. Easily define multiple membership levels with additional perks. Even offer gift memberships for constituents to purchase for others. It’s all completely flexible and customizable for your mission.

structured giving

Full Support for Structured Giving

Big River provides so much more than donor-friendly giving opportunities. It also provides complete back office support for your fundraising. Easily generate performance reports for your campaigns. Securely process payments for gifts as well as sponsor payments. Set pricing and shipping for physical and digital goods. Send PDF attachment receipts and generate packlists. Manage event details such as attendance, comped tickets for VIPs, and more.

Your Nonprofit — Your Branding

Keep donors and constituents engaged with your giving opportunities. Add messaging, imagery, video, and more that are specific to your brand and mission so they know what causes they’re supporting. Hosting an event with sponsors? Add their branding for in-event promotion. Group campaigns and appeals by need and impact. It’s all adjustable, mobile friendly, and hosted independently, so your nonprofit alone is what your donors see.

Big River combines donor-centricity with fundraising flexibility. We’ll show you how.